Renting a House? Insist on a Clean One

How often have you moved into a new house and became fodder for bedbugs and all other kinds of pests and vermin? This is a common tale of woe by people who do not bother to inspect the places they are moving in to. A good number of tenants do not bother with end of tenancy cleaning, leaving the landlord to take care of the mess they leave behind.

Some landlords skimp on spending money on professional cleaners and have the job done cursorily, leaving behind pests and parasites. That is why you should always insist on having a clean house. If the house has not been properly cleaned insist on the landlord using professional end of tenancy cleaners. You should insist on professional cleaners working on your house for a few reasons.

Eliminate health hazards

Different people have differing views on hygiene. Some will be fine with the pets relieving themselves in hidden corners of the house and live comfortably with the smell. Some will never mind the accumulating grime in the oven or limescale in the bathtub.

As a tenant. You could be coming into a house that is a health hazard, with pet dander, unsanitary bathroom, and all kinds of pests in the house. This is where end of tenancy cleaners come in. ideally, the house should be cleaned from top to bottom before you move in. you should insist on this if you plan to have a health risk-free tenancy.

It saves you cleaning time and money

As per the standard end of tenancy agreements, professional end of tenancy cleaning is the responsibility of the customer. If the previous tenant did not do it, the landlord is supposed to engage end of tenancy cleaners to do it before the next tenant moves in. If you move into a house that is not properly cleaned, you will be forced to spend the first one or two days cleaning the house, instead of celebrating your new step in life.

If you decide not to do the cleaning yourself and hire professional cleaners instead, you will incur costs. It is better to insist that the cleaning is done at the start of your tenancy. Remember that you will also be required to do end of tenancy cleaning the day you move out. If it was not done properly when you were moving in, you will be forced to do much more work than necessary.

As a tenant, you should always insist on a house that has been professionally cleaned, to get value for your money.