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The term essay comes from a French word “ESSAYER” referring “to an attempt or to try”. Essays are scholarly writings reflecting writer’s own perspective. Essays are written according to the requirement of the subject. They basically deal with the study of the topic and then representing it in your own words. Essays are quite a significant component of our education. Students of almost all the levels of studies are made to write essays for a deeper understanding and clearance of their subject. Those who are confident about their writing skills also write essays for well-known magazines raising their voice about current social issues. They inspire people through their words!

In relation to academic writing, students deal with four kinds of essays namely expository essays, persuasive essays, analytical essays and argumentative essays. The expository essay is beneficial to represent our own point of view or our response towards an event like some sports related achievement of our country, some kind of political fuss, some work of literature to be praised etc. As the name suggests the persuasive essay is written with the purpose of persuading or convincing the target audience. Persuasive essays deal with your ability to convince your readers with your words. The analytical essays are concerned with interpretation and investigation of the topic or the subject of the essay. And at the last, the argumentative essay deals with your writings where you prove your theory or ideology about an issue. It is similar to a persuasive essay with the difference that here you are arguing about your point as opposed to others, rather than convincing someone to accept your opinion.

Students are given with numerous essay assignments during their academic career.Students are often seen hassling around with their essay assignments due to lack of proper expert advice. Students often get mingled up with different types of essays. They majorly fail to understand the requirements of a particular essay type. They often face difficulty analyzing different essay formats. Students encounter problems with their grammar and vocabulary. Primarily almost all the students lack time-management skills. Therefore they find it really hard to manage all their academic activities.

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