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A dissertation or a research assignment is probably one of the most significant tasks that a student undertakes while he/she is still studying at a university. It often proves to be a fundamental indicator of the true capabilities of the student as an investigator. A dissertation abides by certain essential values of academic scripting. It is a well-organized composition which develops the flawless line of thought. A dissertation is usually divided into various chapters and contains an important inspection of the subject matter and evidence.

Writing a dissertation requires wide-ranging research skills and planning which will be a great asset in a student’s career. The topic of the dissertation should be sufficiently engrossed that can gather all the crucial data within a comparatively short time-frame of about 6 weeks for the undergraduate courses.

Students should make sure that they choose a topic which is interesting and they already have a structure of reference for their literature review. They also should have an understanding of the theory of the particular topic.

Following are the adversities that are faced by students whilst dissertation writing:

  • Getting started is one of the most commonly occurring problem in the initiation of dissertation writing. Students fear that they will not be able to complete their dissertation on time and they will fail to meet the forthcoming deadline.
  • Another precarious part of writing a high-quality dissertation is writing a thesis statement. A thesis statement helps to preserve the purpose of the research.
  • Students also face a problem of the time crunch. For a student, it is very difficult to retain the balance between their write-up and other important project’s deadlines.

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