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A dissertation is a final year project which is given as a form of assessment from other modules.The learner is expected to take accountability of their own learning and also produce a review of the literature. The aim of this project is to evaluate the research skills of a student which they have acquired while studying in the university. There are two kinds of dissertations, empirical and non-empirical. Empirical dissertations are the ones which implicate the collection of data. It is done mostly in the subjects like life science, psychology, etc. It involves laboratory research. Non-empirical dissertations are the ones which are constructed on the existing data and arguments in the work. In this type of dissertation, a student must scrutinize the work and explore the applications. There are various skills that students need to show regardless of the type of dissertation and the topic that they have chosen.

  • Describing the research area with a flawless question
  • Classifying the leading issues
  • Obtaining the relevant information
  • Accessing the dependability and legitimacy
  • Appraising the evidence
  • Writing an arguable conclusion

The length of a dissertation will vary to the level of study and country. The dissertation for an undergraduate level is 10,000-12,000, for master’ level it is 15,000-25,000 words and up to 50,000 or more at the Ph.D. or M.Phil. Level.

For majority students, writing a dissertation is the most difficult, longest and complex assignment. For some students, the library becomes the second home and students tend to prepare for months. The dissertation can be very worthwhile if the students are passionate about the topics they have chosen. Writing a dissertation is one of the major phases in a student’s life. It is a cause of tears and tension for most of the students. Following are the challenges that a student encounters while composing a dissertation:

  • Some students encounter severe concerns with writer’s block. They are unable to contemplate the concepts and hence find it difficult.
  • Managing the time is another issue which is faced by the students. Students are not able to find time in writing their dissertations and they end up in a state of anxiety.
  • Students who are not used to researching extensively also face problems.
  • Classifying the thesis statement can also be a tough thing for the students. Students find it very hard to think of a suitable thesis statement for their dissertation.
  • In order to finish their work fast, students miss relevant details and make common formatting errors.
  • Also, they sometimes think of a topic which is not of their interest and they end up making a blunder in their dissertation.

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