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Accounts refer to the financial records of an association which register all financial transactions which must be preserved at the foremost place. The sole purpose of these records is to permit everyone to evaluate the financial position of the organization with realistic precision.

Accounting, these days, is not just confined to keep the records but it has a wide range of branches. It is divided as follows:

  • Cost accounting: It is significant to retain the records of day-to-day stocks, their receipts, and issues , payment of earnings, concocting the budget, setting the price of the sales and thus, helping in controlling the cost.
  • Management accounting: Nowadays, management depends on the accountant in all stages of its activities.
  • Decision accounting: In this type of accounting, an accountant has to concoct and presents the essential information to the management for decision-making.
  • Government accounting: The government has to bring together the taxes, calculate the National Income, fix the target of Gross National Product and thus, they have their own system of accounting.

Accounting homework is a very intimidating task for the students and they often struggle to achieve good grades. Many students end up copying their homework. Here are some of the challenges that students face while completing their accounting homework:

  • Students are not able to find a suitable work environment to complete their accounting assignments. They often work in noisy rooms and tend to get distracted by it. It is better if a student gets a proper room to complete his/her accounting homework.
  • They fail to make a proper schedule of their homework and thus they fail to meet the approaching deadlines.
  • Students adjourn their homework and waste a lot of time. When they start to work, they leave their task incomplete. Students should ensure that they complete their work and besides leaving it, they should take small breaks.
  • Sometimes students have a lot of homework and it seems practically impossible for them to finish their homework on time.
  • Students are often assigned the assignments which are very complex and they do not know how to tackle the problematic questions.
  • They are unsuccessful in making notes in their classes and hence they are deprived of the relevant information to complete their homework.

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