Renting a House? Insist on a Clean One

How often have you moved into a new house and became fodder for bedbugs and all other kinds of pests and vermin? This is a common tale of woe by people who do not bother to inspect the places they are moving in to. A good number of tenants do not bother with end of tenancy cleaning, leaving the landlord to take care of the mess they leave behind.

Some landlords skimp on spending money on professional cleaners and have the job done cursorily, leaving behind pests and parasites. That is why you should always insist on having a clean house. If the house has not been properly cleaned insist on the landlord using professional end of tenancy cleaners. You should insist on professional cleaners working on your house for a few reasons.

Eliminate health hazards

Different people have differing views on hygiene. Some will be fine with the pets relieving themselves in hidden corners of the house and live comfortably with the smell. Some will never mind the accumulating grime in the oven or limescale in the bathtub.

As a tenant. You could be coming into a house that is a health hazard, with pet dander, unsanitary bathroom, and all kinds of pests in the house. This is where end of tenancy cleaners come in. ideally, the house should be cleaned from top to bottom before you move in. you should insist on this if you plan to have a health risk-free tenancy.

It saves you cleaning time and money

As per the standard end of tenancy agreements, professional end of tenancy cleaning is the responsibility of the customer. If the previous tenant did not do it, the landlord is supposed to engage end of tenancy cleaners to do it before the next tenant moves in. If you move into a house that is not properly cleaned, you will be forced to spend the first one or two days cleaning the house, instead of celebrating your new step in life.

If you decide not to do the cleaning yourself and hire professional cleaners instead, you will incur costs. It is better to insist that the cleaning is done at the start of your tenancy. Remember that you will also be required to do end of tenancy cleaning the day you move out. If it was not done properly when you were moving in, you will be forced to do much more work than necessary.

As a tenant, you should always insist on a house that has been professionally cleaned, to get value for your money.


Tips To hire the best Post Tenancy Cleaning Company in London

Finding that legit post tenancy cleaning company especially in London can sometimes be a hard task. Worry not, some tips can help you determine if the company is a scam or legit.

Keep in mind the availability of various post tenancy cleaning companies that offer their services. However, check for the following before making a hire.

Determine If the Company Is Legit

Before doing any interviews, ensure the company is legit by either visiting their website and viewing their customer reviews or confirming online if the company exists. Search its name on the “Company House website”. Apart from that, their registration number should be displayed on their website.

Do They Offer End Of Tenancy Cleaning Guarantee?

If the answer is yes, then your company is legitimate. Most post tenancy cleaning companies do not offer the guarantee of re-cleaning the property in case the clients find the final result unsatisfying.

Professional companies will offer a 24-hour guarantee of second cleaning with no additional costs. Consider calling your landlord to inspect the property just after the cleaning process. If not satisfied, you can still request for re-cleaning.

Cleaning Cost

In London for instance, the cost of cleaning a two-bedroom apartment will cost you approximately £130 – £150 on average. Though it may seem costly, if you have a massive security deposit, you may need the services of a post tenancy cleaning company to make sure the property is appealing to your landlord.

Besides, ensure the cost of the products and equipment will be their responsibility.  Apart from that, enquire if the transportation costs and taxes will be inclusive of the final price.

Method of Payments

Before making a hire, ask if they provide various ways of payments. It is okay if the company accepts cash, but if they don’t offer other alternative methods, then you should raise your eyebrows. Always ask for an invoice after making cash payments.

Do The Cleaners Have DBS Certification?

DBS certificates proofs if the character of the cleaning worker is upright and has no past convictions. It is significant to ask for those certificates for each cleaner to be sure that your property is in safe hands. There are incidences where personnel vandalize or steal items especially in the absence of the property owner.

Training and Experience

For the best cleaning services, ask if the workers are trained and have enough experience to deliver the best services for you. Most companies either send their personnel for professional courses or do in-house training. Both methods have certifications for proof. Post tenancy cleaning London requires a lot of effort and the cleaners should be adequately trained.

Tips for Choosing a Topic for Your Dissertation

Any person who desires to pursue doctoral studies and graduate with a doctor of philosophy (PhD) must be ready to submit a dissertation. It is one of the requirements for taking doctoral studies. Every statement the PhD student makes in a dissertation has to be factual and original. It is a requirement for the statements to be supported by original work. Alternatively, one may support each statement by referencing it to published scientific literature.

Nevertheless, how should the PhD student choose a dissertation topic?

It is not easy choosing a topic for your dissertation. It is not fun either.

All the same, you have no option but to do it. Your dissertation cannot proceed without a topic. The topic you choose has to be both current and relevant. Students who put much thought into the selection of their topics often have an easier time writing qualitatively excellent dissertations. What is more, they enjoy writing too. In short, choose your topic well and you will breeze through the writing.

Check the requirements the study you are undertaking has placed on the dissertation. Do not come up with a topic that does not respect the rules. For example, in some instances students have to choose a topic from a pre-determined list. Other times, they are allowed to come up with their own topics. What is more, check if you have to adhere to a few special terms and/or conditions before proceeding.

Next, determine what the best type of research for you to do is. Here, your options are two. First, you could decide to do a comparison of existing literature. Your second option would be to be to undertake practical research yourself. In the second option, you would again have to choose between field research and experimental research. Regardless of the option you take, you may need to consider whether to rely on existing data or collect some yourself.

Next, limit yourself to an international research discipline. As you proceed with this, you will realize that more information is available for some of these research disciplines. Other disciplines lack adequate information. How much work are you prepared to put in? How much time do you have for the research? These two are just a few of the questions you need answers for before deciding what to do.

Lastly, rely on current papers and articles for the global research discipline you select.

Look at the top journals in your chosen discipline.

Do not forget trade/professional journals either.

Prepare a top three list of topics.

Try to explain your topic in the fewest words possible.

How to Wow the Panel While Defending Your Dissertation

Issues regarding your dissertation do not begin or end with the writing. Instead, you have to look to the future too. Can your dissertation stand the test of time? You can tell whether it will based on the kind of defense you put up for it in front of the panel. You have to be able to present, explain, and defend the ideas you put across in the dissertation. You have to lay out the reasoning behind the choices and decisions you made specifically in the areas of:

  • Theory selection
  • Research methods

The defense signals the closure of your glittering career as a graduate student.

It is the last of all you had to do in your doctoral studies.

How do you put up a stellar defense that impresses everybody listening to you?


You can do all that – and more – simply by preparing. The first step is preparation. Here, half-hearted measures will do nothing to aid your cause. Preparation involves attending your colleagues’ presentations. Apart from that, check with your school if there are any graduate rules and deadlines that you have to adhere to. Focus on rules and deadlines relating to the scheduling of the dissertation defense.

Start scheduling and coordinating the defense (date, time and venue) early.

Submit the manuscript for review to ensure it is consistent and properly formatted.

Maximize every opportunity you get in pre-defense meetings.

Preparation ends the moment you begin organizing your material for presentation.

Defense Meeting

The chair of the panel kicks off the meeting. Once you get a chance to speak, begin by thanking the members of the panel. Ensure the presentation material covers the research question briefly. As you defend the dissertation, members of the panel may ask you questions or discuss some of the points you raised among themselves. Some of them may show interest in identifying your study’s weaknesses.

They may also ask what plans you have for the area of study post-dissertation.

Your goal is to win the panel over.

You will know you have done that successfully when the chair says, “Congratulations, Doctor”.

That will only happen once the panel votes, after asking you to leave the room.


The post-dissertation plans have everything to do with follow up. First, however, you need to spare some time for celebrating this great achievement. Invite members of the panel as well as friends and family to the celebration. Afterward, address the revisions members of the panel may have asked you to make. Ideally, you should do this the following day or as soon as possible.

Provide the members of the panel, friends and family with bound copies of the dissertation.

Congratulations on your achievement. You deserve it!